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Views and News is the newsletter for the SIAM Activity Group on Optimization. Topics covered include announcements of conferences, forthcoming books, new software, electronic archives, and research questions. If you would like to submit an article to this newsletter please send your contributions by email directly to one of the co-editors, Jennifer Erway and Pietro Belotti. All submissions must be in Latex format and preferably in doublecolumn format.

The current issue is Volume 27, No. 1, January 2019.


[edit] Submission of News Items

To submit items (event announcements, book announcements, prize announcements, etc.) for the "Bulletin" section of Views and News, email

[edit] Previous Issues

Previous issues of Views-and-News are available as PDF files. Please cite the source, if you use any of the papers included in Views-and-News.

[edit] Former Editors

[edit] Article Templates

The PDF hypertext files are generated using hyperTeX with the standard hyperref package, for convenient hyperlinking. Please download the VT.tgz (compressed tar ball with the current template) when preparing a manuscript. Save the file, and uncompress it using tar xvvzf VT.tgz, insert your manuscript into paper1.tex (included), and type make (or use pdflatex views several times).

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