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[edit] How to join SIAG/OPT

Membership in SIAM activity groups is open only to SIAM members. You can join SIAG/OPT or any other activity group when you initiate or renew your membership or via join SIAG.

[edit] SIAG Newsletter

SIAG/OPT Views and News is the newsletter for the SIAM Activity Group on Optimization. Topics covered include announcements of conferences, forthcoming books, new software, electronic archives, research questions and job openings. If you would like to submit an article to this newsletter please send your contributions by email directly to one of the editors, Somayeh Moazeni and Pietro Belotti. All submissions must be in Latex format and preferably in doublecolumn format.

[edit] Posting to SIAG/OPT

You may post messages to the SIAG/OPT membership by sending mail to opt for redistribution. Typical messages include announcements of new books, new papers, conferences, workshop and job positions. For further questions contact the opt list manager.

[edit] SIAG/Optimization Prizes

Best Paper Prize

The next SIAG/Optimization Best Paper Prize will be presented at the SIAM Conference on Optimization in 2023.

The SIAG/Optimization Best Paper Prize was first awarded in 1996. See the prize page for more details of the prize, including guidelines, past prize winners, and past prize committees.

The 2020 prize was awarded to Hamza Fawzi, James Saunderson, and Pablo Parrilo for their paper "Semidefinite Approximations of the Matrix Logarithm."

Early Career Prize

The next SIAG/Optimization Early Career Prize will be awarded at the SIAM Conference on Optimization in 2023.

The SIAG/Optimization Early Career Prize was first awarded in 2020. See the prize page for more details of the prize, including guidelines, past prize winners, and past prize committees.

The 2020 prize was awarded to John Duchi.

[edit] SIAG/OPT Conferences

[edit] SIAG/OPT Business Meetings

[edit] Other Sites of Interest

[edit] New Officers elected for 2020-2023

Congratulations to the following people who were elected to three year terms as officers of the SIAG from 2020 - 2023

  • Katya Scheinberg (Chair)
  • Sam Burer (Vice Chair)
  • Jeff Linderoth (Program Director)
  • Stefan Wild (Secretary)

[edit] Informal Job Descriptions of Officers

  • The chair of SIAG/OPT is responsible for overall leadership of the SIAG. Tasks include:
  1. Attendance of SIAG Chairs meeting at each SIAM National Meeting
  2. Writing Chair's column for SIAG Newsletter
  3. Co-chair of programming committee for SIAM Optimization Meeting
  4. Renewal of SIAG Charter
  5. Formation of nominating committee
  6. Chairing SIAG business meeting
  7. Oversight and management responsibility for SIAG activities
  • The vice chair serves as the deputy for the chair, and is chair of the prize committee
  • The Secretary of the SIAG shall keep a record of the affairs of the SIAG, handle correspondence, and submit the reports of SIAG activities. The Secretary is responsible for the production and distribution of SIAG newsletters (typically delegated to the editor of that publication) and for insuring that the information about the SIAG on the SIAM website is correct.
  • The main task of the program director is to serve as co-chair (together with the president) of the program committee of the triennial SIAM Conference on Optimization. This entails selecting a location, appointing a program committee, and then, together with the program committee, selecting speakers and themes for the meeting. A second task is to ensure that optimization is well represented at the SIAM Annual Meeting during off-years. The program director, working with the other officers, tries to promote optimization throughout the SIAM community in general, for example, by soliciting minisymposia at other SIAM conferences or soliciting articles for SIAM News.
  • The SIAG/OPT Views-and-News editor solicits articles or special issues for our newsletter, edits, and publishes each issue. The editor is appointed by the elected SIAG officers.

Formal Job Descriptions of Officers

[edit] Past Officers of SIAG/Optimization

  • 2020 - 2023
    • Chair: Katya Scheinberg; Vice Chair: Sam Burer; Program Director: Jeff Linderoth; Secretary: Stefan Wild
  • 2017 - 2020
    • Chair: Tamás Terlaky; Vice Chair: Andreas Waechter; Program Director: Michael Friedlander; Secretary/Treasurer: Jim Luedtke
  • 2014 - 2017
    • Chair: Juan Meza; Vice Chair: Martine Labbé; Program Director: Michael Friedlander; Secretary/Treasurer: Kim-Chuan Toh
  • 2011 - 2014
    • Chair: Michael Todd; Vice Chair: Mihai Anitescu; Program Director: Miguel Anjos; Secretary/Treasurer: Marina Epelman
  • 2008 - 2011
    • Chair: Michael C. Ferris; Vice Chair: Yinyu Ye; Program Director: Stephen A. Vavasis; Secretary/Treasurer: S. Thomas McCormick
  • 2004 - 2007
    • Chair: Kurt M. Anstreicher; Vice Chair: Robert J. Vanderbei; Program Director: Sven Leyffer; Secretary/Treasurer: Kees Roos
  • 2001 - 2003
    • Chair: Henry Wolkowicz; Vice Chair: Philippe L. Toint; Program Director: Anders Forsgren; Secretary/Treasurer: Natalia M. Alexandrov
  • 1998 - 2000
    • Chair: Thomas F. Coleman; Vice Chair: Stephen J. Wright; Program Director: Virginia Torczon; Secretary/Treasurer: Ariela Sofer
  • 1995 - 1997
    • Chair: Jorge J. Moré; Vice Chair: C. T. Kelley; Program Director: Philip E. Gill; Secretary/Treasurer: Ekkehard W. Sachs
  • 1992 - 1994
    • Chair: Andrew R. Conn; Vice Chair: C. T. Kelley; Program Director: David M. Gay; Secretary/Treasurer: Jorge Nocedal
  • 1989 - 1991
    • Chair: John E. Dennis; Vice Chair: Andrew R. Conn; Program Director: Michael L. Overton; Secretary/Treasurer: Stephen G. Nash
  • 1986 - 1988
    • Chair: Paul T. Boggs; Vice Chair: Robert Schnabel; Program Director: Richard Tapia; Secretary/Treasurer: Thomas F. Coleman

SIAG/OPT began operation in 1986

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