SIAM AG 17 Proposed Minisymposia


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Algebra and Combinatorics of Graphical Models. Organizers: Liam Solus (KTH) and Caroline Uhler (MIT).

Algebra and Geometry in Frame Theory. Organizers: Emily King (University of Bremen), Dustin Mixon (Air Force Institute for Technology), Nate Strawn (Georgetown University).

Algebraic Coding for Storage Applications. Organizers: Anthony Varilly-Alvarado (Rice University) and Alexander Barg (University of Maryland).

Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Discrete Optimization. Organizer: Jesus De Loera (UC Davis).

Algebraic Geometry Methods in Discrete Dynamical Systems. Organizers: Elena Dimitrova (Clemson University), Matthew Macauley (Clemson University), and David Murrugarra (University of Kentucky).

Algebraic Methods in Analyzing Biological Interaction Networks. Organizers: Gheorghe Craciun (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Carsten Conradi (University of Applied Sciences, Berlin), and Anne Shiu (Texas A&M).

Algebraic Methods in Rigidity Theory. Organizers: Jessica Sidman (Mount Holyoke College), Meera Sitharam (University of Florida), Audrey St. John (Mount Holyoke College), and Louis Theran (University of St. Andrews).

Algebraic and Topological Biology. Organizer: Ruth Davidson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

Algebraic Vision. Organizers: Max Lieblich (University of Washington), Rekha Thomas (University of Washington), and Matthew Trager (Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris).

Algorithms and Complexity in Real Algebraic Geometry. Organizers: Mohab Safey El Din (INRIA) and Eric Schost (University of Waterloo).

Algorithms and Implementation in Numerical Algebraic Geometry. Organizers: Tianran Chen (Auburn University at Montgomery).

Applications of Algebra to Signal Processing and Digital Imaging. Organizers: Cristiano Bocci (University of Siena), Cameron Farnsworth (Yonsei University), Hwangrae Lee (Auburn University) and Luke Oeding (Auburn University).

Applications of Computational Algebraic Geometry to Cryptography. Organizers: Alessio Caminata (University of Neuchatel), Maike Massierer (University of New South Wales), and Pierre-Jean Spaenlehauer (INRIA).

Applications of Numerical Algebraic Geometry in Math, Science, and Engineering. Organizer: Dani Brake (University of Notre Dame).

Applied and Computational Topology. Organizers: Justin Curry (Duke University) and Jose Perea (Michigan State University).

Biological Algebraic Statistics. Organizers: Megan Owen (Lehman College, CUNY) and Ruriko Yoshida (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey).

Coding Theory. Organizers: Alberto Ravagnani (University of Toronto), Gretchen Matthews (Clemson University), and Felice Manganiello (Clemson University).

Computational Tropical Geometry. Organizers: Anders Jensen (Aarhus University) and Josephine Yu (Georgia Tech).

Core Algorithms in Commutative Algebra. Organizer: Thomas Kahle (OvGU Magdeburg).

Decomposition and Identifiability of Real and Complex Tensors. Organizers: Luca Chiantini (University of Siena), Giorgio Ottaviani (University of Florence), and Nick Vannieuwenhoven (KU Leuven).

Euclidean Distance Degree. Organizers: Corey Harris (Florida State University) and Martin Helmer (UC Berkeley).

Free Resolutions Governed By Geometric and/or Combinatorial Data. Organizers: Carlos D'Andrea (Universitat de Barcelona) and Florian Enescu (Georgia State University).

From Approximation Theory to Tensor Decompositions. Organizers: Annie Cuyt (Universiteit Antwerpen), Mariya Ishteva (Vrije Universiteit), Wen-shin Lee (Universiteit Antwerpen), and Ivan Markovsky (Vrije Universiteit).

Geometry of Materials. Organizers: Frank Lutz (TU Berlin) and Ileana Streinu (Smith College).

Identifiability of Biological and Statistical Models. Organizers: Nicolette Meshkat (Santa Clara University) and Seth Sullivant (NCSU).

Likelihood Geometry. Organizers: Serkan Hosten (San Francisco State University) and Jose Rodriguez (University of Chicago).

Multivariate Splines and Algebraic Geometry. Organizers: Michael DiPasquale (Oklahoma State) and Frank Sottile (Texas A&M).

New Trends in Polynomial System Solving and Applications. Organizers: Angelos Mantzaflaris (Austrian Academy of Sciences) and Elias Tsigaridas (INRIA Paris).

Newton-Okounkov Bodies and Khovanskii Bases. Organizer: Frank Sottile (Texas A&M University).

Polyhedral and Combinatorial Biology. Organizer: Joseph Rusinko (Hobart and William Smith College).

Random Algebraic Geometry. Organizers: Peter Buergisser (TU Belin) and Antonio Lerario (SISSA, Trieste).

Random Commutative Algebra. Organizers: Jesus De Loera (UC Davis), Sonja Petrovic (Illinois Institute of Technology), and Despina Stasi (Illinois Institute of Technology).

Real Algebraic Geometry and Optimization. Organizers: Thorsten Theobald (University of Frankfurt) and Timo de Wolff (Texas A & M).

Resultants, Subresultants and Applications. Organizers: Teresa Krick (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and Agnes Szanto (North Carolina State University).

Semidefinite Optimization and Convex Algebraic Geometry. Organizers: Greg Blekherman (Georgia Institute of Technology), Joao Gouveia (Universidade de Coimbra), Daniel Plaumann (Universitaet Dortmund), and Cynthia Vinzant (North Carolina State University).

Software and Computation in Algebraic Statistics. Organizers: Elizabeth Gross (San Jose State University) and David Kahle (Baylor University).

Sparse Representations from Moments. Organizers: Bernard Mourrain (INRIA) and Cordian Riener (University of Konstanz).

Statistics and Applied Algebraic Topology. Organizers: Brittany Terese Fasy (Montana State University) and Sayan Mukherjee (Duke University)

Symbolic Combinatorics. Organizers: Shaoshi Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Manuel Kauers (Johannes Kepler University), and Michael Singer (North Carolina State University).

Symmetric Simplicial Complexes and Polytopes. Organizers: Henry Adams (Colorado State University, Fort Collins) and Florian Frick (Cornell University).

Symmetry and Structure in Algebraic Computation. Organizers: Evelyne Hubert (INRIA) and Cordian Riener (University of Konstanz).

Syzygies and Mu-Bases: Theory, Computation, and Applications. Organizer: Ron Goldman (Rice Universty).

Tensors: From Algebra To Applications. Organizers: Elina Robeva (MIT) and Anna Seigal (UC Berkeley).

Theoretical Advances in Numerical Algebraic Geometry. Organizers: Robert Krone (Queens University) and Gregorio Malajovich (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

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