Sparse Representations from Moments


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[edit] Overview

Recovering structures or models from sampling or measurements is an operation, which appears in many domains and applications. The reconstruction of sparse models from sequences of moments is such a problem, where algebra and geometry are playing an important role. Problems such as cubature formula, sparse interpolation, exponential fitting, polynomial optimization or tensor decomposition can be reformulated in these terms. The minisymposium will to bring together various aspects of the theory of moments and sparse representations and explore their interactions with algebraic geometry and its applications.

[edit] Organizer

Bernard Mourrain (INRIA), Cordian Riener (Konstanz)

[edit] Confirmed Speakers

George Labahn University of Waterloo

Bruce Reznick University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Greg Blekherman Georgia Institute of Technology

Salma Kuhlmann University of Konstanz

Bernad Mourrain INRIA Sophia Antipolis

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