Symbolic Combinatorics


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In recent years algorithms and software have been developed that allow researchers to discover and verify combinatorial identities as well as understand analytic and algebraic properties of generating functions. The interaction of combinatorics and symbolic computation has had a beneficial impact on both fields. This minisymposium will feature 8 speakers describing recent research combining these areas.

  • Cyril Banderier (Universite de Paris XIII), "Combinatorics and asymptotics: beyond the D-finite world"
  • Felix Breuer (RISC, Austria)
  • Shishuo Fu (Penn State)
  • Tomack Gilmore (Universit├Ąt Wien)
  • Qinghu Hou (Nankai University) "Congruences of Truncated Hypergeometric Series and Zeilberger's Algorithm"
  • Arthur Libo Yang (Nankai University)
  • Eric Rowland (University of Li├Ęge) "Computing congruences for combinatorial sequences"
  • Rika Yatchak (NC State) "D-finiteness of 2D lattice walks with multiplicities"
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