Symmetry and Structure in Algebraic Computation


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[edit] Overview

The concept of symmetry arises both in nature, science, and art. From a computational perspective, symmetry allows to reduce the complexity of problems or organize their resolution. This idea appears in different guises and in different contexts, for a variety of applications. The mini-symposium aims to present such instances.

[edit] Organizer

Evelyne Hubert (INRIA), Cordian Riener (Konstanz)

[edit] Confirmed Speakers

  • Emelie Dufresne
    Durham University
  • Agnes Szanto
    North Carolina State University
  • Evelyne Hubert
  • Robert Krone
    Queen's University
  • Sinai Robins
    University of São Paulo
  • Saugata Basu
    Purdue Universiy
  • Paul Görlach
    University of Bonn
  • Niclas Kruff
    RWTH Aachen
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