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[edit] SIAM Activity Group on Geosciences

[edit] Welcome to SIAG GS

The SIAM Activity Group on Geosciences provides an interactive environment wherein modelers concerned with problems of the geosciences can share their problems with algorithm developers, applied mathematicians, numerical analysts, and other scientists. Topics of interest include flow in porous media, multiphase flows, phase separation, wave propagation, combustion, channel flows, global and regional climate modeling, reactive flows, sedimentation and diagenesis, and rock fracturing. If you are a SIAM member interested in any of these application areas, please join us.

The highlight of our activities is our biennial conference. Our next conference will be held in 2019. On these Conferences, we award the SIAG/Geosciences Career Prize and the SIAG/Geosciences Early Career Prize. The activity group also maintains a membership directory and an electronic mailing list.

2017 SIAM/GS Conference: Slides for Business Meeting.

Student members and SIAM Student chapters

We'd like to increase the number of student members in the SIAG. If you advise graduate students that are not yet member of SIAG Geosciences, please let them know that they can join the activity group for free.

SIAM now has over 90 (!) SIAM student chapters, see Many of the chapters organize seminars. If you are near one of these chapters, either through work or through travel, consider volunteering to give a seminar on your research in Geosciences. The chapters would be delighted to host you.

We can assist in coordinating such talks. Please send an email to Susan Minkoff if you can volunteer. Graduate student members: please feel free to volunteer yourself too.

Best wishes from your 2017-2018 SIAG Geosciences committee:

[edit] Getting started

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