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This wiki page is for informal coordination of minisymposia at SIAM AG21.

If you intend to propose a minisymposium, please email the title and names of organizers to the conference co-chairs (Hal Schenck and Josephine Yu).

Deadline for official submission: January 14, 2021. January 28, 2021 (deadline extended).

  • Submissions and Deadlines (Please read the Minisymposia section. Note the "one talk per person" rule. This does not apply to invited plenary speakers. A poster may be presented in addition to a talk, provided the talk and the poster are on different results. A minisymposium organizer who is giving an introductory talk may give a talk at another minisymposium.)

[edit] Proposed Sessions

  1. Optimization and Algebraic Geometry I and II.
    Organizer: Gabor Pataki
  2. Algebraic Geometry of Data.
    Organizers: Luca Sodomaco and Kathlén Kohn
  3. Algebraic Vision.
    Organizers: Timothy Duff and Kathlén Kohn
  4. Commutative Algebra and its Applications.
    Organizers: Alex Constantinescu and Thomas Kahle
  5. Algebraic Approaches to Maximum Likelihood Estimation.
    Organizers: Jane Ivy Coons, Aida Maraj, and Miruna-Stefana Sorea
  6. New Trends in Polynomial System Solving.
    Organizers: Margaret Regan and Simon Telen
  7. Algebraic Geometry and Machine Learning.
    Organizers: Jonathan Hauenstein, Yang-Hui He, Dhagash Metha, and Tingting Tang
  8. Foundations of Tropical Geometry.
    Organizers: Marvin Hahn, Yue Ren, and Benjamin Schröter
  9. Computational Real Algebraic Geometry.
    Organizers: Cordian Riener and Josué Tonelli-Cueto
  10. Polynomial Optimization and Applications.
    Organizers: Timo de Wolff and Mareike Dressler
  11. Differential Equations in Algebraic Geometry and Beyond.
    Organizers: Yairon Cid-Ruiz and Gleb Pogudin
  12. Algebra and geometry of dynamic models.
    Organizers: Nicolette Meshkat, Alexey Ovchinnikov, and Gleb Pogudin
  13. Rank-Metric and Subspace Codes.
    Organizers: Hiram H. López and Alberto Ravagnani
  14. Algebraic Geometry of Biological and Neurological Data.
    Organizers: Annachiara Korchmaros, Lisa Lamberti, and Marta Panizzut
  15. Confirmable workflows and large computations in algebraic geometry.
    Organizers: Taylor Brysiewicz and Lars Kastner
  16. Data Structures in Tropical Geometry.
    Organizers: Carlos Améndola and Anthea Monod
  17. Algebraic Methods in Graphical Models.
    Organizers: Carlos Améndola, Mathias Drton, Alex Grosdos, Roser Homs
  18. Group-actions, Invariants and Applications.
    Organizers: Irina Kogan and Michael Ruddy
  19. Symbolic Combinatorics.
    Organizers: Shaoshi Chen, Manuel Kauers, and Stephen Melczer
  20. Positive polynomials, Moments, and Applications.
    Organizers: Monique Laurent, Victor Magron, and Bernard Mourrain
  21. Algebraic and geometric methods in combinatorial neural coding.
    Organizers: Amzi Jeffs, Caitlin Lienkaemper, and Nora Youngs
  22. Applied Invariant Theory: Statistics and Algorithms.
    Organizers: Anna Seigal and Michael Walter
  23. Convex Algebraic Geometry.
    Organizers: Greg Blekherman, Rainer Sinn, and Cynthia Vinzant
  24. Algebraic and Geometric Tools for High Dimensional Computing.
    Organizers: Vissarion Fisikopoulos and Elias Tsigaridas
  25. Optimization and Invariant Theory.
    Organizers: Peter Buergisser and Michael Walter
  26. Algebraic Methods for Multivariate Splines and Rigidity.
    Organizers: Michael R. DiPasquale and Nelly Villamizar
  27. Sheaves and Homotopical Methods for Topological Data Analysis.
    Organizers: Nicolas Berkouk and François Petit
  28. Applications of Persistent Homology to Phase Transitions.
    Organizers: Nick Sale and Hoan Tran
  29. Asymptotic Phenomena in Algebra and Statistics.
    Organizers: Uwe Nagel and Tim Römer
  30. Quantum Symmetries: Algebraic, Categorical and Topological Methods.
    Organizers: Eric Rowell Qing Zhang
  31. Algebraic-geometric Methods for Reaction Networks.
    Organizers: Nida K. Obatake, Polly Yu, and Beatriz Pascual Escudero
  32. Polynomial and Evaluation Codes and their Applications.
    Organizers: Edgar Martinez-Moro and Gretchen Matthews
  33. The Algebra and Geometry of Tensors 1: General Tensors.
    Organizers: Alessandro Oneto and Nick Vannieuwenhoven
  34. Algebra and Geometry of Tensors 2: Structured Tensors.
    Organizers: Jan Draisma and Emanuele Ventura
  35. Tensor Networks and Geometry.
    Organizers: Fulvio Gesmundo, Daniel Stilck Franca, Albert H. Werner, and Matthias Christandl
  36. Symbolic Computation and Satisfiability Checking.
    Curtis Bright and James Davenport
  37. Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics of Line Configurations.
    Organizers: Dustin Mixon and Emily King
  38. Algebraic Aspects of Optimization.
    Organizers: Ali Mohammad Nezhad and Saugata Basu
  39. Convex Bodies in Real Geometry.
    Organizers: Paul Breiding, Antonio Lerario, Erik Lundberg, Leo Mathis, Michele Stecconi
  40. Random Algebraic Geometry.
    Organizers: Paul Breiding, Antonio Lerario, Erik Lundberg, Leo Mathis, Michele Stecconi
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