SIAM AG 19 Proposed Minisymposia


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Algebraic geometry for kinematics, mechanism science, and rigidity. Organizers: Matteo Gallet, Josef Schicho and Hans-Peter Schröcker.

The algebra and geometry of tensors I: general tensors. Organizers: Nick Vannieuwenhoven and Yang Qi.

The algebra and geometry of tensors II: structured tensors. Organizers: Elena Angelini, Enrico Carlini and Alessandro Oneto.

Euclidean distance geometry and applications. Organizers: Kaie Kubjas.

Algebraic aspects in the study of reaction networks. Organizers: Alicia Dickenstein and Elisenda Feliu.

Polynomial optimization. Organizers: João Gouveia, Simone Naldi and Timo de Wolff.

Algebraic and geometric methods in optimization I-II. Organizers: Jesus de Loera and Rekha Thomas.

Algebraic geometry of low-rank matrix completion. Organizers: Carlos Amendola and Daniel Bernstein.

Polynomial equations in cryptography and coding theory I-III. Organizers: Alessio Caminata and Alberto Ravagnani.

Coding theory and cryptography I-IV. Organizers: Alessio Caminata and Alberto Ravagnani.

Algebraic and graphical problems in the analysis of ancient DNA data. Organizers: Carsten Wiuf.

Latent graphical models. Organizers: Piotr Zwiernik.

Algebro-geometric aspects of graphical models. Organizers: Elina Robeva.

Algebraic methods for polynomial system solving. Organizers: Mohab Safey El Din and Éric Schost.

Algebro-geometric methods for social network modelling. Organizers: Kayvan Sadeghi.

Approximations of convex sets and applications. Organizers: Dogyoon Song and Yong Sheng Soh.

Applications of algebraic geometry to quantum information. Organizers: Frederic Holweck.

Combinatorics and algorithms in decision and reason. Organizers: Liam Solus.

Algebraic statistics. Organizers: Elizabeth Gross and Jose Rodriguez.

Tropical geometry and economics. Organizers: Ngoc Tran.

Tropical geometry in machine learning. Organizers: Gregory Naisat.

Computational tropical geometry. Organizers: Yue Ren.

Convex algebraic geometry: Organizers: Greg Blekherman.

Algebraic geometry in topological data analysis. Organizers: Nina Otter.

Numerical differential geometry. Organizers: Tingran Gao.

Syzygies and applications to geometry. Organizers: Laurent Busé, Yairon Cid and Carlos D'Andrea.

Algebraic methods in stochastic analysis. Organizers: Carlos Amendola and Anna Seigal.

Signature tensors of paths. Organizers: Joscha Diehl and Francesco Galuppi.

Symmetry in algorithmic questions of real algebraic geometry. Organizers: Philippe Moustrou and Cordian Riener.

Probability and randomness in commutative algebra. Organizers: Dane Wilburne and Christopher ONeill.

Structured sums-of-squares. Organizers: James Saunderson and Mauricio Velasco.

Massively parallel computations in algebraic geometry. Organizers: Janko Boehm and Anne Frühbis-Krüger.

Fitness landscapes and epistasis. Organizers: Kristina Crona, Joachim Krug and Lisa Lamberti.

Cluster algebras and positivity. Organizers: Lisa Lamberti, Khrystyna Serhiyenko and Lauren Williams.

Symbolic-numeric methods for non-linear equations: Algorithms and applications. Organizers: Angelos Mantzaflaris, Bernard Mourrain and Elias Tsigaridas.

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