On the Geometry and Topology of (Co)Amebas and Beyond


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Amoebas (resp. Coamoebas) are the link between complex algebraic geom- etry and tropical (resp. phase tropical) geometry. The purpose of this minisymposia will be to give us some recent progress made in the understanding and the description of these new mathematical objects and their connection to different area of mathematics from enumerative geometry to the topology of varieties, mirror symmetry, nonnegative polynomials and Strassen conjecture.

  • June Huh, Princeton University, A tropical approach to a Hodge conjecture for positive currents
  • Diane Maclagan, University of Warwick, Realizability of tropical varieties
  • Faird Madani, Universit├Ąt Regensburg, Volume of amoebas
  • Frank Sottile, Texas A&M, Higher convexity for complements of tropical varieties
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