Infinite-dimensional systems of polynomial equations with symmetry


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[edit] Organizers

Jan Draisma (TU Eindhoven)

[edit] Confirmed speakers

Abraham Martin del Campo (Texas A&M) Finiteness theorems for chains of lattice ideals
Alexander Schoenhuth (CWI) Algebraic Identification of hidden Markov sources
Ruriko Yoshida (Kentucky) Finiteness on homogeneous Markov chain models
Jan Draisma (TU Eindhoven) Infinite-dimensional systems of polynomial equations with symmetry: an introduction
Chris Hillar (MSRI) The Independent Set Theorem
Viktor Levandovskyy (RWTH) Associative algebras and Letterplace embedding
Alexei Krasilnikov (University of Brasília) Some examples of Sym(N)-invariant ideals that are not finitely generated.
Jochen Kuttler (U Alberta) Tensors of bounded rank are defined in bounded degree
Claudiu Raicu (UC Berkeley) The Garcia-Stillman-Sturmfels Conjecture
Andrew Snowden (MIT) Twisted commutative algebras and Delta-modules

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