Approximate Algebraic Methods


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[edit] Organizers

Tor Dokken (SINTEF)

[edit] Confirmed speakers

Tatjana Kalinka Application of Numerical Methods in Implicitization
Tino Schultz (JKU Linz)Approximate implicitization of envelope surfaces
Oliver Barrowclough (SINTEF)
Heidi Dahl Blending natural quadrics and associated volumes
Tor Dokken (SINTEF) Why approximate algebraic methods?
Szilvia Bela (JKU Linz) Fat Spheres for Solving Polynomial Systems
Adamou Ibrahim (Santandar) On the algebraic representation of bisectors for low degree surfaces
Nelly Villamizar (Oslo) On the dimension of triangular splines
Elisa Postinghel (Oslo) Toric degenerations of toric varieties and applications to modeling

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