Applications of Numerical Algebraic Geometry


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[edit] Organizers

Dan Bates (Colorado State University)
Anton Leykin (Georgia Institute of Technology)

[edit] Confirmed Speakers

Carlos Beltran (University of Cantabria)
Sandra Di Rocco (KTH)
David Eklund (Institut Mittag-Leffler)
Eric Hanson (Colorado State University)
Wenrui Hao (University of Notre Dame)
Anton Leykin (Georgia Insitute of Technology)
Dhagash Mehta (Syracuse University)
Andrew Newell (North Carolina State University)
Chris Peterson (Colorado State University)
Philipp Renner (University of Zurich)
Andrew Sommese (University of Notre Dame)
Jan Verschelde (University of Illinois, Chicago)
Genady Yoffe (University of Illinois, Chicago)

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