Algebraic Structure in Graphical Models


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Algebraic and geometric properties such as sparsity, low rank, and convexity have played a prominent role in the development of new methodology for inference in graphical models. These ideas have also broadened the range of problem domains to which graphical modeling techniques have been fruitfully applied (e.g., phylogeny, gene expression analysis). This session will highlight exciting recent developments spanning the spectrum from theoretical advances to new applications.

  • Gautam Desarathy
  • Robin Evans
  • Rina Foygal
  • Shaowei Lin
  • Poh-Ling Loh
  • James Saunderson
  • Seth Sullivant
  • Jinfang Wang
  • Yaokun Wu
  • Piotr Zwiernik
  • Venkat Chandrasekaran
  • Sung-Ho Kim
  • Caroline Uhler
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