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One postdoc position starting September 1, 2009 and lasting at least 1.5 years with the sure possibility (funding is already approved) of extension for another 1.5 years purely based on performance is available at Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ) to work on a modeling and computational project related to advanced modeling of enhanced oil recovery (summary of which follows this and next paragraphs) led by Prabir Daripa at Texas A&M University, CS. In addition, the candidate hired for this position will closely interact with the lead PI as well as two graduate students (one at Texas A&M University, College Station and the other one at Texas A&M University, Qatar) and the contact PI, Shedid Elghaghah at TAMU, Qatar. The project involves development and implementation of mathematical and efficient algorithmic tools for solving complex multi-scale fluid flow problems in heterogeneous porous media in the presence of active agents and reactions. Further short details are in the summary of the project which is given below and must be carefully read before applying for this position.

A strong background in areas related to these types of activities is desirable as is some knowledge of the applications problems to be considered. In particular, a strong background in physics of fluids, a strong knowledge and understanding of a variety of numerical methods for solving PDEs and programming skills in C++ are required. A proficiency in level-set and front-tracking methods is a big plus. Those interested in applying for this position should send, via email, their CV and have two or three letters of reference sent, also via email, to daripa@math.tamu.edu. Only materials submitted in this electronic manner will be considered. Applications will be considered until the positions are filled. Any questions on this can be directed to Prabir Daripa at the above email address or at (979) 845-1204.

TAMU is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications from minority and female candidates are especially encouraged. ---------------------

Title of the Project: Advanced Modeling of Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods

"Modeling and simulation studies on enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes by alkaline-surfactant-polymer (ASP) flooding will be carried out. This process will be modeled by a system of elliptic, hyperbolic, and parabolic partial differential equations which will then be solved using fast numerical algorithms specially designed for such purposes. Modern numerical numerical techniques will be developed and implemented on computers using MATLAB AND C++. Full-fledged numerical simulation studies on several unconventional EOR-by-ASP flooding process in heterogeneous porous media will be done to gain fundamental understanding of the role of species (polymer and surfactant) diffusion and capillary forces on the complex fluid flows in porous media and on the sweeping efficiency of the enhanced oil recovery processes. This study has the potential to reveal new physical phenomena in such complex processes and thereby allow design of new more effective EOR methods.

Efficient numerical codes for solving problems of EOR by ASP-flooding are almost non-existent due to complexity of the problem. Simulation with such codes and experimental studies on ASP-flooding can provide efficient solutions to oil shortage problem, at least partially. Our project is related to the development of such ""smart"" codes and related experimental studies. This research should be undertaken now because of the recent surge in activity in this process, escalating energy demand, and tight supply of oil."

[Posted 20 August 2009]

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