SIAM Conference Mathematics for Industry (MI09), October 9-11, 2009


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As the co-organizers of the SIAM Conference Mathematics for Industry (MI09), we invite you to participate in this year's meeting, scheduled October 9-11 in San Francisco, CA. Conference themes include Modeling and Simulation, Data Mining, Process Modeling, Interoperability, Supply Chain Management, and Uncertainty, Risk and Vulnerability. A major goal of the meeting is to promote interactions and collaborations between academia and industry/government labs. Features of the meeting are:

  • Participant organized minisymposiums on topics of current interest. Each session has four speakers presenting topics on the common theme of the minisymposium
  • Contributed papers have also been submitted and are currently being clustered into sessions based on similarity of topic and theme.
  • Attending the meeting is a great wayto form new connections with researchers in industry or academia.
  • Presenters will be invited to make a submission to a refereed proceedings.

The deadline for submissions was recently extended until May 1st. The conference web site is

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to write or any of the conference organizers.

Jeff Saltzman, Merck & Co, Inc.,
Helen Moore, Pharsight Corp.,
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