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[edit] Plenary Talks

  • Madhav Marathe, "Co-evolving Complex Networks: Epidemics in Social and Wireless Networks", March 2, 2009. (Presentation PDF)
  • J. Tinsley Oden, "Simulation-Based Engineering Science: The Growing Revolution in Modern Engineering and Scientific Discovery", March 3. 2009. (Presentation PPT)
  • Karsten Urban, "Numerical Optimization in Engineering Applications", March 3, 2009. (Presentation PDF)
  • William Oberkampf, "Perspectives on Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification", March 4, 2009. (Presentation PDF)
  • Tom Mitchell, "Brains, Meaning and Corpus Statistics", March 4, 2009. (Presentation PDF)
  • John Shadid, "Newton-Krylov Solution Methods for Multiple-time-scale Multiphysics Systems: Transport/Reaction and Resistive MHD", March 5, 2009 (Presentation PDF)
  • Jane White, "Infectious Disease, Heterogeneous Populations and Public Healthcare: the Role of Simple Models", March 5, 2009. (Presentation PPT)
  • David Bailey. "Experimental Mathematics, Multicore Processors and Highly Parallel Computing", March 6, 2009. (Presentation PDF)

[edit] Funding Agency Panel

  • Sandy Landsberg, Program Manager, Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research, Office of Science, Department of Energy,"Applied Mathematics Research Program". (Presentation PPT)
  • Larry Nagahara, Nanotechnology Projects Manager, National Cancer Institute, "Future Directions in Cancer Research: Multi-scale/Many-scale Modeling Approaches". (Presentation PDF)
  • Edward Seidel, Director, Office of Cyberinfrastructure, National Science Foundation, "Building a Foundation for Computational Science & Engineering". (Presentation PDF)

[edit] Other Talks

  • MS86: David Keyes, SIAM’s Role in Supporting and Developing Computational Science & Engineering, Minisymposium 86: Graduate Education in CS&E: Needs, Trends, Risks, and Chances, March 2009. (PDF)
  • CP6: Tammy Kolda, CPOPT: Optimization for Fitting CANDECOMP/PARAFAC Models, Contributed Session CP6: Data Analysis, SIAM CS&E Conference, March 2009. (PDF)
  • CP15: Song Li, Optimization and Parallelization of FIND Algorithm, Contributed Session CP15: Linear Algebra, SIAM CS&E Conference, March 2009. (PDF)
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