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The 2009 SIAM Geosciences Conference was held from June 14 - 19, 2009, at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany. A complete program can be found at the conference website [1].

Amongst the highlights of the conference were the award ceremonies for the SIAG/GS Career Prize and the Young Scientist Prize. The recipient for the very first SIAG/GS Career Prize is Mary Wheeler and the first SIAG/GS Young Scientist Prize was awarded to Jan Nordbotten. See SIAM Geosciences Prizes for more details on the nomination and selection process.

Thanks to the conference committee and our colleagues at the Helmholtz Center for making the 2009 conference a resounding success!

Our next Geosciences Conference will be in the spring of 2011. The exact location is still being decided, but the conference will likely take place in the Western US.


The SIAM Geosciences Conference 2007 was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico in March, 2007.

The conference was a wonderful success and attended by over 280 attendees. See Barry Cipra's article Geoscience Conference Tackles Global Issues [2] for a report on the meeting.

The program and speakerlist conference can be found at [3].

Viewgraphs of several plenary talks:

  • Gary Pope,"Can We Make Accurate Predictions of the Long-term Fate of Carbon Dioxide Stored in Aquifers Image:Pope.pdf?"
  • Tom Russell, "Issues in Euler-Lagrangian Simulation of Complex Multi-Phase Flow and Transport Image:Russell.pdf"
  • Dongxiao Zhang, "Critical Evaluation of Stochastic Approaches for Large-Scale Subsurface Flow Problems Image:Zhang.pdf"
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