Tropical Geometry.


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Organizers: Maria Angelica Cueto (Columbia), Anders Jensen (Aarhus), Josephine Yu (Georgia Tech).

Tropical geometry is a piecewise-linear analogue of algebraic geometry. Advances in tropical geometry enable us to use tools from discrete geometry and combinatorics for computations in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra.  This minisymposium will feature recent progress in tropical curves, tropical algebra, combinatorics, and algorithms, with applications.


  • Pascal Benchimol (Ecole Polytechnique) "Long and winding central paths"
  • Timo de Wolff (Texas A&M) "Norms of Roots of Trinomials from the Viewpoint of Amoeba Theory"
  • Dustin Cartwright (U Tennesse Knoxville) "On dual complexes of degenerations"
  • Jan Draisma (Eindhoven) "Metric graphs with prescribed gonality"
  • Simon Hampe (Warwick) “Tropical convexity and tropical linear spaces”
  • Marie MacCaig (Birmingham) "Integer points in the image space of a matrix in max-linear algebra"
  • Diane Maclagan (Warwick) title TBD
  • Ralph Morrison (UC Berkeley) "Tropical Igusa Invariants"
  • Yue Ren (TU Kaiserslautern) "Tropical computations over valued fields with classical Computer algebra"
  • Yaroslav Shitov (Moscow) “Tropical bounds for extended formulations of polytopes”
  • Emmanuel Tsukerman (UC Berkeley) "Tropical Spectral Theory of Tensors"
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