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-* '''Gilles Gnacadja''' Amgen+* '''Gilles Gnacadja''' Amgen
-* '''Peter Huggins''' Carnegie Mellon University+* '''Peter Huggins''' Carnegie Mellon University
-* '''Laura Kubatko''' The Ohio State University+* '''Laura Kubatko''' The Ohio State University
-* '''Reinhard Laubenbacher''' Virginia Bioinformatics Institute+* '''Reinhard Laubenbacher''' Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
-* '''John Rhodes''' University of Alaska Fairbanks+* '''John Rhodes''' University of Alaska Fairbanks
-* '''Anne Shiu''' Duke University+* '''Anne Shiu''' Duke University
-* '''Amelia Taylor''' Colorado College+* '''Amelia Taylor''' Colorado College
-* '''Alan Veliz-Cuba''' University of Nebraska-Lincoln+* '''Alan Veliz-Cuba''' University of Nebraska-Lincoln
-* '''Piotr Zwiernik''' Warwick University+* '''Piotr Zwiernik''' Warwick University

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Confirmed speakers include:

  • Gilles Gnacadja Amgen
  • Peter Huggins Carnegie Mellon University
  • Laura Kubatko The Ohio State University
  • Reinhard Laubenbacher Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
  • John Rhodes University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Anne Shiu Duke University
  • Amelia Taylor Colorado College
  • Alan Veliz-Cuba University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Piotr Zwiernik Warwick University
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