SIAM AN 18 Proposed Minisymposia


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January 22, 2018: Minisymposium Proposal Submission Deadline Extended

January 31, 2018: Minisymposium Presentation Abstract Deadline

Algebraic Geometry meets Numerical Differential Geometry. Organizer: Tingran Gao (U Chicago) and Jose Israel Rodriguez (U Chicago)

Algebraic Statistics. Organizer: Carlos Amendola (TU Munich), Elizabeth Gross (San Jose State U), and Jose Israel Rodriguez (U Chicago)

Geometry of Tensors. Organizer: Mateusz Michalek (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, and Polish Academy of Sciences) and Yang Qi (U Chicago)

2018 Minisymposium on Numerical Algebraic Geometry. Organizer: Dani Brake (UWEC)

Optimization Theory and Algebraic Geometry. Organizer: Gabor Pataki (UNC)

Theoretical Challenges in Tensor Decomposition. Organizer: Elina Robeva (MIT) and Anna Seigal (UC Berkeley)

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