Applications of Numerical Algebraic Geometry in Math, Science, and Engineering


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[edit] Overview

Numerical algebraic geometry is driven by applications. The need to solve polynomial systems is strong, especially in fields such as smart grid networks, chemical reaction networks, kinematics and robotics, quantum and string theory, algebraic statistics, and many others. With continuing advances in computer hardware and theory and algorithms in numerical algebraic geometry, the scope of problems we can solve will also evolve. This session features talks discussing the application of theory, algorithms, and software in numerical algebraic geometry to problems across mathematics, science, and engineering.

[edit] Organizer

Dani Brake

[edit] Confirmed Speakers

Elizabeth Gross San Jose State University

Nick Hein Benedictine College

Dhagash Mehta United Technologies Research Center

Wenrui Hao Penn State

Sam Sherman University of Notre Dame

Lee, Tsung-Lin National Sun Yat-sen University

Karleigh Cameron Colorado State University

Parker Edwards University of Florida

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